Photography, I discovered, reveals the profound in everything, from a child’s smile to a woman’s body to even a cracked cup
Soon enough my romance with photography become something more as I set about capturing the beauty that goes unnoticed day-to-day

Ira Ochomma

My journey into photography began with a Zenit film camera. Leaving for America, a friend made a small gift that changed my life.
Whether at home or abroad, I seek out the fascinating in the mundane, seizing on such moments to produce unique images
I embraced alternative photography.
As I explored the medium and experimental further,
In infrared,
ambrotype, cyanotype, and gum bichromate photography, I found doors into new worlds
that never fail to take you there.
I also unearthed the secrets of far-flung countries, marrying a camera’s potential with my openness to foreign cultures and their traditions to create unforgettable landscape shots
In photography, it’s not depth of field that matters but depth of feeling
Reaching across mediums for inspiration, I look to Renoir, Gaugin, and Van Gogh, whose art gives joy and charges with love
My works
Out of love for people comes my interest in portraiture, where the challenge is to see the model with the eyes of someone in love
Experimenting with IR techniques, I always make new discoveries, from unearthly landscapes of breathtaking beauty to enigmatic portraits of people with alabaster skin
Infrared photography
Bird photography combines the thrill of birds with the art of photography. If you see birds flying high, you are looking at happiness and freedom
Nature is the world’s greatest artist, with its abundance of shapes and colors beyond human comprehension. "This is the gift of the landscape photographer, that the heart finds a place to stand"
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Ira Ochomma

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